AIMMP’S Commitment

We value the forest, use wood, protect the environment and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


Represent, defend, support and promote the Wood and Furniture Industries in order to contribute to the success of its Associates, namely through the exercise of a permanent effort to influence, promote and offer services and initiatives to support their development.


  • Our specialization, competence and response capacity justify the interest and adhesion of companies in the sector;
  • What we provide to our Associates and to the sector, as a whole, is not easy to make viable, produce or supply individually;
  • It is not the same for a company to be an AIMMP associate or not;
  • Defend the sector of the Wood and Furniture Industries in a united and aggregated way gives us an enormous power of influence;
  • Our contributions and services justify the recognition of the need and existence of the Association;
  • A strong representation of the sector contributes in a decisive way to the success of its operators.


  • Our Associate is our main client;
  • The interests of the whole take priority over the interests of the parts;
  • Respect for Associates and their opinions is the basis of our growth;
  • Leading the sector is a commitment, an obligation and a pleasure never a nuisance. To train, advise, articulate and mediate interests are tasks held in high esteem by all. Trust, integrity and ethics are not negotiable;
  • We contribute to the public interest, to a fairer, more fraternal, richer Portugal and to a greater well-being for all, always in fidelity to the good principles of associativism, to the fulfilment of the law and of AIMMP’s Statutes.