Marcas e Projetos

A successful strategy in the segmentation of the sector

AIMMP Brands

Attentive to the extension of the sector that it represents, AIMMP defined an important brand strategy that allows a segmented approach to the markets where it operates, namely regarding the internationalization strategy of the sector. This segmentation allows it to better tailor the service offer and provide a more assertive response to the needs of its Associates.

In the context of this strategy, the AIMMP created some Awards to promote the sector, namely rewarding the use of wood in construction through the PNAM – Portuguese Prize for Wood in Architecture and the Design Awards – AD Challenge and Guilherme Award – managed by the brand Associative Design – The Best of Portugal.

In this context, the AIMMP manages a set of brands with diverse and very concrete strategies, whose main goal is the best service to companies and the growth of the sector.

Associative Design

A winning bet on internationalization

Associative Design – The Best of Portugal (AD) is a brand created by AIMMP with the purpose of promoting internationally the Portuguese design in the Home Sector, including furniture and decoration.
AD is already a reference around the world where it has been building a new image for the sector, identifying business opportunities and gaining notoriety for Portuguese design and manufacturing and for the brands and products it presents, thus contributing to the successful internationalization of the companies it covers.


Ecological Certified Coffins

CNUF® is a registered trademark identifying and protecting a certification system that intends to ensure the manufacturing of funerary coffins with sustainable and easily deteriorated materials, according to predefined technical requirements and specifications conducive to the protection of the environment.
The brand CNUF® – Ecological Certified Coffins and the respective certification system is a brand owned by the AIMMP, created and developed in conjunction with companies from the sector. CNUF is registered and published by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.


World Wide Leader in Wood Pellet Certification

ENplus® certification is world leader in wood pellet certification and has contributed to the development of a premium pellet market by its ability to maintain uniform pellet quality throughout the supply chain.

EPAL Pallets

Keeping the world moving

Considered the largest pallet pool operator in the world, EPAL is the Association of EPAL manufacturers, repairers and freight transporters and is responsible for guaranteeing EPAL pallets and box pallets worldwide.

AIMMP holds the management rights of the EPAL brand in Portugal and is the entity responsible for guaranteeing standardised pallets at national level. EPAL pallets are a combination of essential imperatives in logistics: guarantee of good conditions for the transport of goods, safe handling, safe and hygienic storage for long periods of time, above average quality.

The financed projects and the empowerment of the sector

With the support of a set of external entities, namely the COMPETE2020 Programme, AICEP Portugal Global, IAPMEI and IEFP, AIMMP manages a vast set of funded projects with proven results and numerous gains in improving the competitiveness of the sector.

Inter Wood & Furniture

Internationalization Project / More Sustained Exportation

Under the motto “new destinations, new markets”, the Inter Wood & Furniture has as its objective the development and reinforcement of the exporting capacities of the SME’s of the Wood and Furniture Sector, promoting the international visibility of the companies.

Qualify Wood & Furniture

Support for a more competitive sector

The Qualify Wood & Furniture project consists of a set of actions that contribute to the qualification of the Wood & Furniture industries, in terms of organizational and financial innovation, adequacy of human resources, differentiation and credibility of products and services through certification.

Sketch Wood & Furniture

Entrepreneurship Programme

The Sketch Wood & Furniture project is a Young Entrepreneurship project in the context of the Wood and Furniture Industries of Portugal, which intends to foment the innovation and the incorporation of technology in the sector in response to the macro-trends of the sector, digital acceleration and green policies of Europe.

Sketch Wood & Furniture is directed to the whole entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, namely to schools and young entrepreneurs of the North and Centre regions of Portugal.

Inov Wood & Furniture

Reinforcement of Companies' Innovation and Management capacities / Technological Innovation Observatory

The Inov Wood & Furniture 19/20 (joint project of SI Qualification of SME’s n.º 41359) aims to support SMEs in the Wood & Furniture Sector to integrate Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy, promoting the profitability of resources through innovation and introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve the overall efficiency of operation and marketing, cost reduction and management of innovation strategies.

Eco Wood & Furniture

Competitiveness through Sustainable Forest Management

AIMMP supported investments in SMEs through the project Eco Wood & Furniture with the aim of proposing the incorporation of eco-efficiency principles and circular economy in companies in the sector, in order to enable them to an agenda of enhanced innovation and qualification in the European context.

Form Wood & Furniture

Co-financed Training

Form Wood & Furniture is a training project for SMEs under the call POCI-60-2016-07 of the SI Qualification of SMEs, with funding from Portugal 2020. It was approved with the operation code POCI-03-3560-FSE-000449, having been financed by the European Social Fund.

Partnership projects

AIMMP expands and reinforces its scope of action through Partnership Projects.

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