Find out what we can do for your company

AIMMP offers a wide range of Support Services that guarantee more dynamism to companies, entrepreneurs and workers of the sector, encouraging its development. The Associates have access to this offer in special conditions and free of charge for some services.

Legal Advice

1. Support in solving legal problems
2. Labour issues
4. Recruitment and management of Human Resources
5- Arbitration Centre for the Wood and Furniture Industries

Financed projects and business development

1. Applications to Incentive programmes
2. Portugal 2020
3. Research and Technological Development
4. Innovation / Technology
5. Qualification
6. Internationalisation
7. RDP 2020 – Microenterprises 1st processing

Internationalisation Support

1. Inter Wood & Furniture
1.1. Internationalisation Project
1.2. Trade fairs and trade missions, with incentives up to 50%
2. Associative Design – The Best of Portugal
2.1. Project for the international promotion of home products recognised for their innovation, technology and design, with incentives of up to 85%.

Communications and Marketing

1. Regular communications about the sector
2. Raw material and product photography
3. Posters and billboards
4. Catalogues, brochures, flyers, roll-ups, etc
5. Visual and corporate identity
6. Website development
7. Graphic Design Consulting
8. Marketing studies and plans
9. Institutional and promotional videos
10. Institutional communication

Technical Support

Industrial Regulation
1. Licensing / permits
2. Environment and eco-efficiency
3. Quality
4. Standards and CE Marking
Certification Systems Management
1. EPAL Brand
2. ENplus® Brand
3. CNUF®Brand
4. Associative Design Brand
Technical reports
1. Expert opinions / inspections
2. Tests on wood and wood products
Dissemination and training on technical subjects

Vocational Training

1. Tailor-made for each company
2. Financed
3. Support in applications
The AIMMP’s training offer is developed in articulation with the CFPIMM – Centre for Professional Training of the Wood and Furniture Industries.


1. Hygiene and safety at work
2. Medicine at work